LX90 Power cable

This cable is a must have for every owner of an LX90, I tried using the scope on the internal batteries when I first bought it. However after about 30 mins of use, the Autostar reported a 'Motor Unit Failure'. After a little reasearch I found out that you'll get that error when the batteries are dead. A problem with Batteries is that when they get cold their voltage drops, they appear to loose power and fail. I want to use my scope at night in the cold winter months, this voltage drop is unacceptable.

I decided to build a simple power cable so that I could plug my scope into a 12V car jumpstarter. The jumpstarter has a cigeratte lighter socket, so I made a cable to plug into that.

Parts List
One Cigertte lighter plug, with built in fure and LED.
5 Meters dual core multistrand cable rated to take 2 amps at 12V or higher.
One DC 2.5mm jack plug.
2 Amp Fast Blow fuse.
Electrical Solder

Tools used
Wire Cutters.
Wire Strippers.
Soldering Iron.
Phillip head screwdriver

Assembly Instructions
Strip about 5 mm from one end of the cable. You'll get two wires, I'll call them read and black to keep things simple. Open the Cigerette lighter plug, solder the red wire to the terminal that goes into the middle of the plug. Solder the black wire to the terminal for the outside of the plug. Now close up the plug, and insert the 2 amp fuse.

Now strip the other end of the wire. Open the DC jack, and place the end over the wire. Next, solder that so that the red wire goes into the small terminal, the black wire should go to the large terminal. Close up the jack.

Now testing the cable. Using the ohmmeter check that you've connected the end of the cigerette lighter plug to the tip of the DC Jack. Now test that you've connected the Other terminals correctly. Also it's work check for short circuits across the different terminals.

That's it plug in and your motor unit failure should be gone forever.

WARNING: Your scope has no reverse polarity shield. If you wire this wrongly, you are likely to damage the scope! I will accept no responsibility for damages occuring from the use of information from this page.