Blinking Lights

I decided that I didn't want to risk having having people walk into my scope, it cost me enough. This little upgrade that cost me about £5. A set of three flashing lights attached to the tripod legs. No one has an excuse for knocking my scope now.

Parts List (for one flashing light unit)
Battery box for 2 AA sized batteries (with a PP3 style connection)
Flashing LED 5MM Max voltage 9V
PP3 style battery connector
Electrical Solder
2 * AA batteries
Sticky backed Velcro.

Tools used
Craft knife
Soldering Iron
Snipe nosed pliers
Wire Cutters

Assembly Instructions
Start by dismantling the PP3 battery connecter. Cut off the plastic cover, the either rip off or unsolder the wires, You can throw these away they're not needed.

Next put the batteries into the box, observing the printed insertion instructions. Now place the LED across the PP3 connector on the battery box, the LED should start to flash. Remember which way round the LED was, if you reverse it the LED won't flash.

Next Bend the legs of the LED out to 90° from the LED. They should be bent so that the LED can be placed flat onto the PP3 connector. Take the remaining part of the battery connector and snap it in place on the battery box. Place the LED onto the top of the connector, it should start to flash as before, it always good to double check this.

Solder the LED into place. Then snip off the left over parts of the legs on the LED.

Now cut a length of velcro, stick one side to the back of the battery box, and the other side to the tripod leg. I prefer to stick the fussy side on the battery box, but it's up to you.