Links to other sites

Amateur Pages
Pete Lawrence's Website You've seen him on "The Sky At Night". His work provides the quality goal that I'm aspiring to match. These images are nothing short of fantastic.
Weasner's Mighty ETX Site Fantastic website with lots of information about the Meade ETX Telescopes, this site is also extremly useful for LX90 Owners as it uses the same Autostar units
Jan's LX90 Pages Usefuly site by another LX90 owner, a slightly different setup to mine, some useful information posted here.
Telescopios, Experiencias y mucha Paciencia This site is in Spanish, but there are alot of really good pictures. Also there's a really good approach to solving the LX90 external power problem. I especially like the large accessory try that fits neatly onto the tripod.
Galloway Astronomy Centre A place to go for your holidays. Not only can you observe under some of the UK's darkest skies, but there is also alot of different activities for the daytime.
Heavens Above This site gives details about artificial satellies that are in orbit, including time estimates for the ISS and Iriduim Satallite flares.
Bradford Astronomical Society My local Astronomy Society. Of course I'm a member, there's plenty of people there who can give advice, and show you how to use your scope. We also hold observing sessions in a good private location.
Skymap software Producers of Skymap Pro skycharting software.
Registax This program is excellent for stacking and processing images.
K3CCDTools Forget the free software that came with your webcam, this program will image guide and a lot more too.
Steve Barkes' Guidedog Autoguiding software, turn your webcam into an autoguider.
SETI@Home Here's a bit of fun. Get you're PC searching for aliens. OK the chances of success are almost zeltch, but why not give it a go, you might get lucky.
Astronomy shops that I've used
SCS Astro Supplier of Telescopes and accessories. This is where I purchased my LX90, I'm extremely happy with it and will be getting more stuff from here. Suppliers of Astronomy and photographic equipment. There kit is good, and the staff know about the stuff they sell. Normally, they've got things in stock, and as a mass supplier getting stock isn't a problem.
Telescope house Another supplier of telescope equipment. Linked with BC&F, these guys tend to be more likely to have stock of Meade and BC&F stuf or can get it fastest anyway.