Recovering from a bad AutoStar flash upgrade

So, you've been checking out the meade website and found that there's a new flash bios for your Autostar. You've decided to download it to your AutoStar, and start the process using the ASU software from Meade. Before the download is complete the ASU software tells you that it's lost contact with the AutoStar unit, and that you need to power off and restart. You follow the instuctions, but when you power back up there's no sign of life from the Autostar!

If that story sounds familier, and you're now starting to worry, DON'T. It's not a problem, the thoughtful people at Meade added a "Safe Loader" to the AutoStar software (version release 1.1G and above), all you need to do is start this off and you'll be able to re-run the Flash process. Just follow these instuctions and you'll soon be back up and running.

1. Make sure the Autostar and LX90/ETX are turned off.
2. Press and hold both the "ENTER" key and the "Scroll Down" Key located to the right of the help key on the Autostar handbox.
3. While depressing both keys, power up your LX90/ETX and the Autostar.

You should now see "FLASH LOAD READY" on your display. Now you can go back to the ASU software and re-try the software upgrade.