Earlier this week the news media and press where all doomsaying. The sun has had a major flare and electronics could be effected, power grids could go down, satallies could be destroyed and the world will end. But what happened in reality? Well the satellite owners did their usual trick of shutting down the ones that were in danger for a little while to weather the storm. And for everyone else? Well we did get a display of the Northern lights. And that's about it.

So, what caused all the non-issues? here take a look see.


This image is taken at F6.3 using my focual reducer.

take through Lx-90 prime focus f6.3

Here's a closer view taken at f10

Sun taken at f10

Here's the full resolution image of the sunspots

full resolution of the sunspot region taken at f10

And to bring out a little more detail, I have done a curves adjustment in photoshop.

Sunpots with curves adjustment